1st Alabama Cavalry - Est. 1862
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It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of Glenda McWhirter Todd. She passed away on September 3, 2017 surrounded by her family. She was a historian, genealogist, and author who prided herself on being a descendant of Andrew Ferrier McWhirter of the 1st Alabama Cavalry, USV. Her work over the past two decades and her dedication to the 1st Alabama Cavalry has created a legacy that will last for years to come.

Her life's work has touched thousands of people through the years, and I am glad that I had the pleasure to work with her as long as I did. My hope is that her work will live on for years to come to educate and inspire a new generation.

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Crossed Sabers
Joab Holley

Joab is not found on the 1st Alabama microfilm, but is listed as an alias in pension index cards for Pleasant Holley. It appears as if Joab served in the 1st Alabama for some time as a substitute for his father, Pleasant Holley.

Previously served in Co I, 11th Ill Cav.

The following was submitted by Doris Barfield Sanders
Joab Holley was a cousin to William S. Holley and son of Pleasant Holley. "letter dated 19 Jul 1911 to Ellen B. Holley 'Joab Holley belonged to Co I of the 11th Ill. Vol Cavalry but served several months detached service with Co. G. of the 1st Ala. Vol. Cav. of which I was 1st Lieut. and was therefore well qualigied to remember him.' There was no signature as the second page of the original was missing. Also, notes say, on a letterhead from Holley & Pritghett Land Co., Rana, NM, W. W. Holley, Mgr., William wrote to Ellen B. Holley, "Cousin, latter part of 1862 Blunt Harris organized independent Company. Harris was Capt. Joab was Lieut. Early 1863 John H. Reed organized Vol. Company for government. Capt. Harris and most of his men enlisted in Capt. John H. Reed Co. Capt. John H. Reeds Co. G 1st Ala. Cav. ...We came to NM on account of health. Youngest son, W. W. Holley and youngest daughter both had consumption-both got well without medical treatment... Letter from John H. Rowland, Anson, Texas 26 Jul ? to Ellen " I served with Joab Holley from June 1863 to Nov 1863 in 1st Ala. Cav. 27 June 1913, Widow's Pension Application for Joab's service; "Served in substiture for his father at Chevekkam TN-June 1864-Spring 1865. Also a gude for 18th Missouri Mounted Infantry. Also a recruiting officer for his regiment securing 20 men from Bolivar, Tenn to Chewalla.

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Service records compiled by Glenda Todd and used with her permission. This and other information about the history of the First and the men who fought with the unit can be found in her book, First Alabama Cavalry, USA: Homage to Patriotism.

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